Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More dead critters

The boy yip-yip was at it again today.  Although Army daughter and son-in-law were told to keep their dogs penned up because they killed the baby ducks, they only kept them penned for a couple of days.  The boy dog dug under and instead of fixing the fence they reasoned that their dogs are really good dogs so it couldn't have been their dogs that killed the ducks.  The second nest of ducks are also dead but there were no witnesses so they didn't believe it once again.

Today there was a witness.  Granddaughter, as part of her homeschooling curriculum, has agricultural engineering (aka garden chores).  She went out to work in the garden and came back into the house in tears and holding the dog.  He just killed 10 chickens, maybe more.  She said she saw him in the chicken coop and thought he was playing with the chickens (she's little and didn't know that dogs don't "play" with chickens) until she saw some dead ones.  Granddaughter is heartbroken.  Army daughter said that she can't believe her dog would do that...Witnesses this time, He did it! 

If it was my dog it would have been shot.  It's not my dog.  It's in the cat-carrier at the moment.  I told her if it's not caged it had better be on a leash with one of them on the other end.  They need to figure out what they are going to do with their dog.  She left and went to the gym...

What if IT is today?  Sort of feels like it today... Perhaps I shouldn't listen to the news to know what's going on in the city, county, state, country, or world.  If it is then they will need to move out.  Priorities are a little screwed up when the gym is more important than taking care of your responsibilities...


  1. I completely understand and sympathize with your situation. Sometimes it is just necessary to push the baby birds out of the nest! I've been through it... it does hurt, but it helps them grow and us sleep peacefully!
    Scream if you need me~ I really have been there!

  2. While I haven't ever been in that exact situation, I know what I would do. The next time I caught the dog free it would be caught and taken to the pound. Although my boys are much younger, after warnings we always follow through. You don't pick up your toys? Well we warn you, then they get thrown away. Same deal here in my opinion. Good luck though!

  3. Unfortunately it's more difficult when you are dealing with adults than with children. I expect adults to follow the rules. They have been warned. If I even see the dog out of the pen and it's not on a leash it's not going to be here when they get home.

  4. Stack dead ducks and chickens on their front porch.
    Catch dog in the act, kill the dog.
    End of problem. (start of new ones)

    You are to blame for the situation by letting it get to this stage. Tough medicine all around but don't you think it is time to take a stand?

  5. For Anonymous - you are right, I didn't set the rules about their dogs when they moved in and then I didn't stay consistent when I did make rules. When the dogs killed the the first set of ducklings they were to put the dogs in the pen. I didn't stay consistent with that rule after the ducks were killed because the thought never crossed my mind that they'd kill the chickens. Last night when son-in-law came home I told him if the dogs get out of the pen they are gone. He understands. Army daughter doesn't really care since they are husbands dogs and not hers.