Thursday, May 12, 2011

I wasn't prepared for THAT!

I usually think that I am prepared for just about anything.  Well the just about anything happened tonight.  It was a nice night so I had the back screen door open.  The animals were all up and about, I had just gotten the grandkids to bed and sat down at the computer.  Then something started smelling really bad.  I thought maybe the computer or some other electronic was shorting out because it sort of smelled like smoke.  At least it did in my library where I was working. 
Army daughter came in.  Does something smell bad?  Yes, let's go check it out.  The smell was bad in the library.  When we got into the hall there were spots where it was bad and other spots where you couldn't smell it.  I stopped in each grandkids room.  Did you get into anything?  Boy loves getting into "manly" stuff.  For the holidays he asked for Axe and got 10 of them.  He always stinks the place up.  In the hall it sort of smelled like garlic.  Are you two sure you didn't get into anything?  No. 
I sniffed the dog.  Nothing. 
Down the hall I walked.  I had my weapon on me although I'm not sure what good a weapon is going to do to find a smell.  I walked into my room.  The cat and puppy were in their playpen.  There was liquid all over the floor.  My room smelled horrid.  In the corner of my room is a crib for when the little grandkids come for the night.  Between the crib and the tv cabinet.  AAAAHHHH... I quickly walked out of the room.  Army daughter came running.  What is it?  A SKUNK! 
Get a bit of composure.  How???  Oh no, the cat and puppy.  I went back into my room and quickly wheeled the playpen out.  I brought them into the dining room.  I went back and got the other cat out of my room.  We rounded up the dogs and rest of the puppies and put them into the mudroom.  They weren't happy but at least none of them were sprayed.  Now what?  Off to the garage and take out my hazmat suit.  Yes, I really have one.  Now seemed like the perfect time to put it on.  That and my rubber farm boots. 
Then I called the sheriff.  Non-emergency, of course.  They gave me the SPCA emergency number.  When they answered they asked if it was an emergency.  To me it is!  They were on their way.  The grandkids were telling me I should shoot it.  Bad idea, but we will discuss it tomorrow.  I'm closing your doors.  Go to sleep.
My favorite flashlight was in my room.  I'm not going to use one of the others, I want that one.  I got it.  I spied the skunk.  It wasn't very big, but it's odor was.  How much can one skunk spray?  Off to the barn I went.  I got the animal trap.  Then I got a plastic bag and surrounded the trap with it.  I baited it and shoved it near the skunk. 
Nothing doing.  The skunk was not coming out.  So I waited.  The SPCA person showed up.  He took out a trap.  I said there was already one set up.  He said the best lure for them is cat food.  Well that's where the cats eat; in my room.  Then he took out a huge net.  He was just wearing his uniform so I asked him if he wanted my hazmat suit.  Yes he did. 
I followed him into my room.  I stayed far enough away that I wasn't going to get sprayed.  I told him that the skunk was behind the crib.  It hadn't moved too far.  He saw it.  He put the net on it.  AAAAHHHH..he got sprayed.  Badly.  In my bedroom!  He took the skunk out and set the net down on the back patio.  Then it was time to ask questions.  Did anyone come in contact with it?  No.  Army daughter and son-in-law started cleaning up the drops on the floor but nobody touched the skunk.  OK, then they don't have to kill it to test for rabies. 
So what did I learn?  Fix the screen.  It may be convenient for the dogs to be able to come in and out on their own, it was very convenient for the skunk.  Get a large net to catch animals.  What if the SPCA was busy with a real emergency?  I am going to be prepared for this too.  What a day!


  1. WOW! That would seriously be a surprise! :) I'm surprised none of your dogs or cats reacted to it being in the house. Good thing you had that hazmat suit!

  2. Army daughter said one of her yip-yips was doing a lot of barking. Maybe that's why the skunk got my entire house! Lots of Pinesol, 409, and lemon oil. Keeping the windows open. It's better but still smells!