Sunday, May 29, 2011

More garden work

With all the landscaping changes this year it seems like the yard work is never done.  Actually, it's not even set up all the way so I have no  business complaining yet.  I have a deadline now for getting everything done because my brother is getting married in North Carolina in August.  This means that we are going to be away from home and away from the garden for a week or two during a hot and dry month.  I've been using the excuse that I can water every day once the weather gets hot but not anymore.  I set up the drip irrigation system today - it's almost complete. 
The front garden bed with the grapes and strawberries is now on drip.  I planted more asparagus in the front along the fence and punched more holes in that drip hose too.  I'm going to be an asparagus planting fool by the time it's over.  It's so easy to grow, it just needs a little water and once it's established I won't have to water it if when I want the season to end.  It will just leaf out and look fernlike.  The raised beds in the garden are half way planted.  The old drip hoses that I had used for the past couple years in the garden have all been taken apart, cut to size for each bed, and will get hooked up tomorrow...or next weekend.  There's no rush yet since it's still not warming up around here.  At the end of May we should be averaging high 80s.  Instead we are in the 60s.  But somehow my tomato plants have tomatoes on them. 
I trimmed the flowering mulberries so you can walk underneath them without hitting your head.  All those trimmings went to the sheep who happily munched on the leaves rather than foraging the dried oats and other grasses  in their pasture.  The two mulberries are about 25-30 feet across so there are lots of leaves for the sheep. 
Now that we are going to North Carolina, a place I've never been, I need to figure out if we are driving or flying.  Flying will be fine but I need to find out if my weapon can be concealed there.  I've thought about getting a Utah permit because you don't need to be a resident of Utah and it's reciprocity in an awful lot of states.  I need to study the maps and figure out how we'll get back across country if What If happens while we are away. Lots of preparing for something like this, especially since I'll have the grandkids with me.  It would be much easier to plan if it was just me. 

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