Sunday, May 8, 2011

What's a good mother's day gift?

For those of you who have mothers that are still with us, or wives who are mothers, or daughters who are mothers, there are many gifts to be given to celebrate the love and dedication that they've put forth in raising children.  It seems that every age is "the most difficult" time to raise children. 

I know that flowers are the most typical gift.  My brother who is usually out of the country can be counted on to give our mother flowers.  Birthdays, mothers day, any holiday.  A nice flower arrangement comes from brother.  Santa Barbara brother always goes to mom's house the day before mother's day.  That way he can spend mother's day with his wife and their children.  The week before he lets mom know that he's coming and tells her to give him a to do list.  That's one of the best gifts that can be given.  Spend the day changing out lightbulbs, repairing hoses, trimming plants, and anything else that is either too dangerous or too strenuous for an older person - in this case not only a mom but a grandmother and greatgrandmother as well.  Any mom would actually like a to do list completed. 

What if you want to give something other than  your time, especially to someone who isn't a prepper?  What can you give her?  A water filter just doesn't seem like an appropriate gift (I think it's a great idea but they wouldn't).  How about a bag for the car?  It can be a backpack with some food, blanket, a hat, hair-ties to pull hair back, a puzzle book and pencils, scissors, a little first aid kit, and a couple bottles of water.  Nothing spectacular and not a full on bug-out bag but something just in case a little emergency happens like a flat tire and they have to wait for an hour before it can be changed.  Next year ask them if they ever got into the bag for anything.  In most cases the answer will be yes: food, water, first aid kit.

Gifts that I come up with always seem odd to outsiders.  This year it was nails and screws.  An 18 drawer storage unit with clear plastic drawers that are about 4 inches wide, about 5 or 6 inches deep.  Each child or grandchild gave a box of nails or screws.  Flowers also; they went into their yards and picked flowers that their moms grew.  What a great gift for their moms!  Happy Mother's Day.


  1. intresting blog would of like to hear more about your gate opener

  2. We got an Ecosol Phobos NL BT. It’s an expensive brand but brother-in-law works for a different subsidiary of the same company so he was able to get the employee price which was about 1/3 of retail. The set came with a little solar panel, two batteries, a remote control, a little button to open the gate from the inside. I had to separately purchase a Knox box so the fire department can get in instead of them knocking down the gate in case of emergency. It wasn't too hard to install except we needed a welder to do it right. Brother-in-law has one of those otherwise I would have had to rent one (and I would have probably just ended up having it professionally installed). You could just bolt it on but someone could come along and unbolt it. The batteries will work for about 50 openings on a full charge. It should work fine during the tule fog. If not, I have a battery charger that I can use to charge the batteries.