Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crises around the world and some home cooking

Listening to the news today didn't bring much in the way of good news.  Two of the stories reinforced the necessity of having food storage programs. 

First is Libya.  We've been listening and watching people in the Mideast try to overthrow their governments.  I'm not going to get political here.  There was one woman who was interviewed today over a phone or computer (not sure).  She and her family live in Tripoli and she said that their family hasn't left their apartment for four days.  If they did, she was afraid they'd be killed because of all the shootings and violence that is happening right outside their building.  People can't even look out the windows or they take a chance of being shot.

The second story is the earthquake in New Zealand.  This was the second large earthquake they've experienced in the past six months.  The last one was more powerful but further off the coast and didn't cause the damage that this one did.  The destruction is massive in Christchurch.  There are 75 confirmed deaths and 300 or so people still missing.  Most of the damage was to the taller buildings in the downtown area but for most of the city power, water, and phone service is out.  The infrastructure is badly damaged.  The government has told people to stay home.   

In Libya, if they don't have a stored supply of food, water, and other necessities, life can be very dangerous or deadly trying to procure these basic needs.  In New Zealand, the entire country isn't in ruins, but their second largest city quite distrupted. It does bring up one thought though about food and supply storage.  It really can't all be kept in the same place.  If you have it all in your house and your house burns down, what do you have left?  Same if you are in an apartment and the apartment gets destroyed.  Then what?

Fortunately for me I don't live in an area with much in the way of natural disasters.  We don't get earthquakes, floods, or fires.  But what about a fire in the house?  If it's not associated with a large scale disaster then I could replace what I've purchased.  Then it's only a money issue and not really a survival issue.  But what if it is civil unrest like Libya?  I've got the bugout place but not too many of my provisions are up there.  My eggs are all in one basket.  Sort of.  I at least have the travel trailer and it's got clothes and shoes for each of us, bedding, and food.  I don't have any weapons stored in it but they are in the safe so if there's a fire I'll still be able to get them.  After last weekend, I'm making sure that my propane tanks on the trailer are full! 

My chickens have started laying again.  I'm thinking it's because someone told them I placed an order for new pullets and they are arriving in mid-March.  Either that or the days are getting longer so they are naturally going to start laying again.  We had a great dinner tonight, pretty much from our storage and fresh food.  It was a quiche made with a homemade crust (flour, salt, shortening, water) and things from our stored food (turkey spam, shredded cheese plus cheese powder, powdered milk, fresh eggs, dried green onions, dried onions, dried garlic, bacon flavored TVP, and nutmeg, salt and pepper).  It took about 10 minutes to prepare and about an hour to cook. 

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  1. So sad about the news around the world today that became worst for this year.I pray for the safeness of our country. Thank you for sharing this.