Saturday, February 5, 2011

Someone tried breaking in to the truck

I am required to do a walk around on the truck each day.  Any dents, anything missing, do all the lights work? Last week I noticed that I cracked the headlight.  It still worked but was replaced on Thursday anyway.  When I inspected the truck on Thursday that was all that I had noticed.  I did a walk around yesterday but didn't notice anything.  Today I took a six mile hike in the hills near Pasadena.  On the way home I stopped to get gas and wanted to also fill an extra gas can which was in the back of the pickup.  As I unlocked the campershell I noticed that someone had tried to pry the lock.  There are six locks on the campershell and all six were locked.  Only one was pried.  The person wasn't successful in getting it open. 
I locked the campershell last week when I went out to the field and hadn't gotten into the back of the truck since.  I don't know exactly where it was when someone tried to get in.  It could have been done last week when I was working in a remote area.  Nobody is ever visible there as I've said before about that location.   Yesterday and today I was back in Southern California.  The truck was parked in a pretty open location with lots of people around.  It got me to thinking about what is in the truck and what would have been lost if someone had been successful in breaking in.
For basic equipment I carry a shovel, rake, Mccloud, Pulaski, saw, a water filled backpack for putting out fires, two fire extinguishers, and gas can.  I have flares and a medical bag.  Personal equipment includes two weeks of clothing, sleeping gear, two pair of boots, backpack (with money and bug-out stuff) and food.  Inside the truck I usually have a computer and other electronic equipment including GPS and kestrel. 
Other than the basic locks on the campershell and on the doors I don't have any lockboxes.  My stuff isn't really visible but it's still not well protected.  This week I'm going to get a locking box to go inside the campershell.  It still won't keep people out if they are determined to get in but it will be another layer. 
This time I was lucky.  Next time may be different.

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  1. Seems some people just break in to go fishing and see what they can find.

    Glad to hear they didn't get in.