Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's been a couple of years since I've had strawberries.  I pulled them all out several years ago to redo the strawberry bed and somehow instead of them being put into a tub with moist soil they were put into a tub filled with a little soil and lots of water.  They all rotted by the time I realized what had happened.  Since then I've tried finding someone who would give me a couple of their rooted runners.  Most people just cut these off and throw them away.  Couldn't someone give them to me instead?  I'd even come over and dig them out for the person.  No, I couldn't find any takers. 
My daughter even tried to cut a deal for me with one of the local fruit stand folks.  She'd bring over a dozen eggs to swap for strawberries.  She kept asking for some runners.  The lady kept saying sure, sure, but that never came to fruition either.  After a couple years of that I just gave up hope that I'd find anyone who would give me some runners.  Today I went to Lowe's and bought three packages of 10 strawberry plants for $3.98 per pack.  That will be enough to get me back into strawberry production.  In a year or two I will have a full bed once again.