Thursday, February 3, 2011

A stored food recipe

Have you used any of your stored food lately?  I have a recipe that's pretty good and easy to make.  All the ingredients can be purchased in the bulk food section at the local Winco or wherever you shop.  This recipe calls for TVP (textured vegetable protein (fake meat from soy)).  You can substitute real meat if you have it.

Italian Seasoned Noodles
2 cups dry noodles (any shape or kind will work)
1/2-1 cup TVP
2-3 tablespoons dried minced onion or 1/2 a fresh onion minced
1-2 tablespoons dried Italian seasoning
a bit of salt
Mix all the ingredients together in a pot or pan.  Add five cups of water.  Cover. Heat up and simmer for 10 minutes or so until the noodles are done.  Stir so it doesn't stick or burn.  You may need to add a little bit more water. 
There's all kinds of ways you can change this recipe to suit your tastes.  You can substitute some of the water with chicken or beef broth (or from bouillon powder).  You can add vegetables, change the seasoning (I happen to love Italian seasoning), or whatever you can come up with. 
It's easy, good tasting and  uses food products that you should have in your storage program.

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