Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The truck's food stash - eat and replace is my motto.

Every day you need to try to do something to reach your goal.  You won't ever reach your goal.  You will never stand back and say, I've got everything I need, the job is done.  Why?  Because even if you think you've done everything and you have enough of everything you should be using what you have.  By doing this you will need to continuously restock your supplies.  Now I'm not saying to decimate your food stash that's in your truck and hope to remember to replace what you've eaten.  But if you eat something from it then you need to replace it.  Never go more than a week without replacing something that you've used if it's in a short term bag. 
For example, at minimum, I keep a weeks worth of food in the truck.  When I travel I will sometimes pack more food but usually will also eat what's in the truck.  In this manner I'm making sure the food is rotated.  I also make sure that I have at least enough food left to get me home on.  For example, if I'm 100 miles from home I figure that I can make it home by walking in three or four days max.  Then I'd make sure that I don't go below having least three or four days worth of food saved after I've been helping myself to it while I travel.  Even though I ate from the food stash last weekend, it's replaced before I head out again. Tomorrow I have to be at a meeting four hours away from home.  It should be a very long one day trip, but I may spend the night out.  Not a problem.   I'll have enough food for a week in case I had to walk home but I also have enough gas to get me home even if all the gas stations close. 
Not only will I have the food in my truck but I'll bring some things with me.  My favorites are picking fruit off the trees (at this time of year it's citrus - grapefruit, orange, kumquat) and also bringing tortillas and shredded cheese.  If the sun is shining I can put the tortilla and cheese in the window (on a piece of aluminum foil) and the cheese will melt.  Delicious quesadilla. 
One of the problems with buying bulk food to store in cans is that you don't rotate it.  Sure it's good for 10 or 20 years.  Then for it's last year you eat nothing but your stored foods.  Due to the expense I don't have freeze dried food in my storage plan, although I do love eating freeze dried strawberries straight out of the container!  In the truck I do have some MREs that I don't get in to too often.  Some of the food I do carry in the truck that I eat and rotate is oatmeal and energy bars, jerky, dried fruit, tuna, and my favorite, a jar of peanut butter.  I have a case of water and some flavorings such as Crystal Light and tea bags. 

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