Saturday, February 19, 2011

Meeting with another survivalist

So much for having the blog schedule a posting rather than just posting it as soon as I wrote the thing.  I wrote this very early Saturday morning but scheduled to have it posted around eight in the morning, just in case I wanted to add anything to it before I left.  I didn't add anything but obviously it didn't post.  It's now Monday night, I've just returned but I'm just posting what I wrote on Saturday morning - and the date of the post will show Saturday even though I didn't post it until Monday night!  I'll write about the weekend in my blog for tomorrow.  It was interesting and I have a lot to say about the comparisons, both perceived and real. 

As I wrote Saturday morning:  Today I'm heading down to Southern California once again.  The weather is not good but that's ok, I'm prepared for just about anything.  This trip is part work part fun.  The fun is meeting with the only other person who I know (actually met, not just people I correspond with through the internet) who is a survivalist.  His mindset is different than mine.  He is going to try to persuade me to think more along his line of thinking and I, of course, will tout mine. 

There are many differences in our way of thinking.  Mine is a hunker down and prepare this place where I'm at to be fully supportive and also defensible, but if it isn't so, to head out to the bug-out place, which is planned to be fully supportive and defensible.  My heavy equipment includes a 4X4 truck, a small tractor with implements, a travel trailer, and a utility trailer.  His includes two 4X4 trucks, a large travel trailer, a bass boat, an ATV, a dune buggy, and a toy hauler (a trailer that you can sleep in and also carry the ATV).  He may have more equipment, this is all I've either seen or been told about. 

We both have fishing equipment.  He has archery equipment.  We both have weapons.  He has over 50.  I have 5.  He hunts for most of his meat.  I raise mine.  I have a garden.  He shops at the store.  He has a swimming pool (just a little bit of envy here!).  I have a food and supply storage, I don't know what he has or if he just thinks he can hunt and fish for all his needs.

In TEOTWAWKI situation I plan on staying put if possible.  He plans on hightailing out of Southern California and heading to Montana or South Dakota to hang out on some friends property. I expect to have some good conversations and perhaps will be able to pick up some tips from him.

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