Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl, chores, and asparagus

It's a beautiful day outside.  We spent the morning working in the yard, mowing the weeds that we call lawn, and cutting our first asparagus of the season!  Eating asparagus raw is the way I like it best.  Quite often the first few stalks don't even make it out of the garden.  We did get enough that I brought it in to use as snacks for the game this afternoon.  Son-in-law was given a piece to eat raw.  His favorite way to eat asparagus is buying it canned from the grocery store.  In my opinion, if you can't eat it fresh it isn't worth eating unless you are going to can it to make asparagus soup during the winter.  I was hoping to disc the garden but that didn't happen today.  I ran out of time because the kids and grandkids have descended on the house for Superbowl. 
It seems our tv is the best one around - it's a seven or eight year old 37" plasma.  Compared to what people have nowadays I guess that's a complement to my family that none of them have monster sized tv sets (ok son does but they no longer have cable so the tv is only used for movies).  Son and daughter-in-law invited one of their neighbors from their apartment complex to come over here to watch the Superbowl.  Neighbor has a one year old so we have an infant, one, two, and three year old roaming the halls.  Because of this stranger over, I've shut my bedroom door and the closet door just in case one of the grandkids opens the bedroom door.  I also picked up books, and cleaned up the library so if neighbor chases his child through the house, none of our personal stuff will be visible.  We've also closed up the garage and shut the barn door.  Daughter and I are sort of following him around...just in case he gets too snoopy.  Son brought the neighbor out to see the chickens.  Neighbor had never seen live chickens. 
Girl is working on the hedgerow today.  No Superbowl for her.  We still had a pile of trimmings that needed to get moved to the front and she needed something to do...getting in trouble when you live somewhere with unlimited chores to do is never fun.  I'm still waiting for the sheep to have their lambs.  I was figuring they'd arrive last week when the weather was bad.  They usually pick the worst day of the year to lamb.  I guess this means we haven't yet had the worst days of winter.
Renter at the bugout place is making compost barrels that spin.  He's going to make one for me here.  Usually I just put the chicken manure and such straight into the garden but having a barrel will be a good experiment. 

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  1. I was glad the game was good. I cut short the tree pruning adventures and added to the compost across the street.

    We just pile leaves, chicken poop, table scraps and any plant material we have into a windrow and left is compost itself. Our pile is 12' long and about 3-4' wide and high. After a few months we sift through the bottom of the pile and get great compost for the garden.