Friday, February 18, 2011

Planted bulbs for flowers

For Valentine's Day some friends of mine gave me a mylar balloon and some bulbs for flowers.  Since my motto is if I can't eat it there's not much reason to grow it, I was taken back a bit by this gift.  I could understand if they gave me a balloon and some vegetable seeds, or a strawberry plant, but flowers just for the sake of flowers??  Even my mom gave me a potted kale plant.  This afternoon we had a break in the rain so I decided to go out into the front and plant the bulbs.  They will be really pretty when they grow in the spring, or next year if it's too late for this year.  Why not?  I figure on this five acres there had to be a little space for something that we can't eat or the animals can't eat, they aren't medicinal, or of some use other than just to look at.  Plant a flower.  Boy, does that sound stupid! But why not? If I did, you can too!


  1. You're feeding the bees who will in turn feed you. Flowers attract bees, bugs and other pollinators...and if you give one to your wife every once in a while you'll make her happy and their ain't nothin' wrong with that.

  2. Planting flowers is a great idea especially if they produce nectar. Helps out the bees who will help out your garden. We're planting wildflower seeds tomorrow.

    Really enjoy your blog, thank you.

  3. We started with vegi's in our first house, then moved to flowers in the next house, then converted the beds back to vegi's and chickens.

    We kept some flowers, though.