Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Eygpt and here

Interesting what's going on in Egypt.  Always trying to look at all aspects, I wonder if the consequences for people protesting for equal rights and greater opportunities will actually bring in a more restrictive religiously intolerant (to any religion but Islam) government?  The food supply in Egypt is about depleted for the general population.  Fuel supplies are being depleted as well.  They've shut off services.  The airports are filled with travelers trying to get out.  The US has sent planes to get our citizens.  What a mess.

I worry about the affect of this on Israel.  How will this affect us here?  Higher gas prices which means higher everything.  We are already being warned on our local tv that fuel prices are going to go way up and so will food. 

I wonder if people are going to rush the gas stations and grocery stores?  Today is the first day of the month.  Welfare checks have arrived so I'm sure people will be rushing off to spend their new found riches on junk from the dollar store.  Watching these protests makes me wonder if that can or will happen here?  Hopefully I'll be prepared...

I have to go out into the field today to work.  The weather should be good but on the cool side.  Should get about 5 or six miles of hiking in.  I'm always apprehensive about working in this area though.  Last year we got shot at by ???, we were assuming drug growers.  At least it's not harvest season right now, it will be safer. 

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