Friday, February 18, 2011

It's not what THEY are saying, it's what YOU are doing

Usually I don't write about what others are doing.  I try to stick to what I do on my own property and how I am leading my life.  I said usually.  I don't like jumping on the bandwagon of forwarding stories without fully knowing the facts and the truth.  In this case, it's interesting to read the factual accounts such as what PRNewswire is running on Yahoo's news.  The article was promoted by a family who stated they have informed 16 organizations, publishers and businesses about proper usage of their registered words.  That's enough proof for me.  I especially liked one sentence, "The family requests that level heads prevail and that people take time to step back, be informed about trademark policy, and search out the truth."

I did so.  YOU did not "define the current, specific application" of urban homesteading.  I wrote a comment on Rudy's site which I thought I'd repeat here: 

I have a saying that I taught my children and grandchildren that deals with integrity, honor, and how it relates to behavior.  "It's not what THEY are saying, it's what YOU are doing".  If someone else isn't behaving properly (in this case that family) you do not have to participate in their bad behavior. 

It's interesting to read the "news" accounts such as PRNewswire running on Yahoo's news.  They have deemed bloggers as non-reporters.  "Whereas professional reporters substantiate their news before publishing stories and are careful not to make slanderous statements, bloggers have no editors and often demonstrate little or no interest in supporting their claims with fact. As a result, irresponsible or malicious blogging can cause harm to people and businesses."  So if I were a professional then I'd refer to this family as our creator each and every time I said or wrote Urban Homesteader.   Urban Homesteader. Urban Homesteader. Urban Homesteader. Urban Homesteader!

The article of defense provides the exact reason that we true Urban Homesteaders (note no ®) are so disappointed with the behavior of THAT family.  They did not register these words to avoid confusion on the part of the general public.  They did this to promote themselves and try to make people think that they are responsible for MY way of living.  Let me tell you, THEY had nothing to do with it! 

I went to their website about a year ago and did not care for it.  I've never gone back, nor do I intend to.  I shunned them then.  I will continue to do so.  It's not what they are saying, it's what I'm doing.  I'm doing the right thing.  I'm staying as far away from them as possible. 

Urban Homesteader. Urban Homesteader. Urban Homesteader. Urban Homesteader!

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  1. We used to follow them. Even chose to spend some money at their "store." Our reaction over time was the same as yours. They lost their luster and we haven't been to their site in almost a year of months.