Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bored and wishing I could go out and do chores!

I went to the office today.  First time since my arm surgery last Thursday.  I lasted for four hours then sent an email to the boss telling him I was going home.  If he needed to reach me he could call but I wasn't going to check email.  I then came home and took a nap!  In the middle of the day!  On a work day!  The grandkids woke me up when they got home from school.  We are hungry, what's for snack?  Broken record...go pick something off a tree.  But today they got a cookie out of me as well.  Lucky them. 

We got almost three inches of rain over the weekend and it's supposed to rain again starting tomorrow.  Today would have been a perfect day to get some chores done.  The sun was shining.  It wasn't too cold.  Not only did I not work much at the office, I didn't do anything here either.  I haven't really done much outside in the last week.  I'm bored with doing nothing.  I'm anxious to go out and so something. Anything!

I am glad that I had the surgery on my arm.  I sent pictures out to family of the bruising and the incision.  It's ugly.  No laparoscopic surgery for me.  This scar is going to be four or five inches in length.  Good thing I'm not an arm model!

There is so much outside work to do.  The number one thing is to take care of my male lambs.  I don't even know if the fifth lamb is male or female.  The sheep are all locked into the stall area and oldest daughter comes over every couple days to drag a bale of hay into them.  She won't chase the sheep and I can't so I'll just have to wait another week to whether my lambs.  The baby chicks are going to be in the house for a few more weeks.  That's good because it will be a chore getting them out to the coop.  I need to make a good area for them so they will be able to keep themselves separate from the other chickens for a few weeks once they are all in the coop together.  I planted many seeds and I have lots of small vegetables growing.  I disked the garden a few days before surgery so it's about ready to get planted.  I put in an order for some railroad ties to make some raised beds, but I can't work on that until my arm gets better so they aren't going to deliver them yet.  If they did, then I'd do something stupid like try to move them one-handed.  The fruit trees are all in bloom.  They were all trimmed during the winter so there isn't anything left to do for them other than watch the fruit grow.  We will be picking our first fruit in May.  I can't wait.  Sorry orange tree...we are still picking oranges and other citrus.  That goes almost year round. 

What if this was a situation where I needed to be working out in the garden even though I can't use the left arm?  I'd do it.  I'd go slow, but I would still manage.  Fortunately, I can wait a couple of weeks until the arm heals.  That was one of the reasons I chose to have the surgery now.  Get it fixed while the timing is right.

I started writing this post a while ago.  I couldn't take it any longer.  I went out side and pulled weeds.  That's a never ending chore and with the ground so saturated it's easy to do one handed. 


  1. You could do the chores one handed if needed but be careful that you don't hurt yourself while you are trying to heal. Remember you opted for this surgery during good times just so you wouldn't have to be pressed into working while injured.

  2. Careful about the Railroad Ties for food gardens. They can leach certain toxic chemicals into the soil. Google it for more info.