Monday, March 28, 2011

City girl visits the farm

A twelve year old girl from the grand kids Sunday school came over the other day.  Her family lives in a big house in the city.  They have a maid, gardener, and pool service.  They don't get their hands dirty.  She had never seen farm animals other than at the fair, and it's been a struggle for her to talk her parents into letting her go to the fair.  It's so backward! 

All her life she's told her parents that she was going to raise animals when she grew up.  I invited her over and she talked her dad into bringing her.  She got to feed the sheep, collect eggs from the coop, and play with the baby chicks.  She cut some asparagus to bring home for their dinner.  She even pulled some weeds around the grapevines.  You should have seen her.  She was in heaven! 

As I was showing her father around, I could see the expression on his face that this was not the type of lifestyle that he wanted for his little girl.  She would get dirty. 

To top off her pleasure of being over, I had to bring them into the house.  I'm not sure if I did so more to shock the father or to bring pleasure to the little girl.  We still have the chicks in the laundry room.  They'll be heading out of the house soon, but for now, the laundry room and mud rooms have a rather smelly chicken coop odor.  Now, I do clean out the stock tank every couple of days but you know chicks.  They kick up the pine shavings into their water, poop in everything, and just make it all smell. 

We've gotten used to the smell I suppose.  But the dad.  He was horrified!  It was great fun.  The little girl spent about 30 minutes picking up the chickens.  Rubbing them and talking to them, and cementing in her mind that when she grows up she will live in the country.  Good for her!

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