Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Chores

Here, as everywhere, spring brings a plethora of chores that need to be done both inside and out.  It seems that we put things off until the good weather arrives and then we are inspired to fix everything.  Or at least some things.  Or at least think about things.

Yesterday it was warm enough that I was able to spray paint the well pressure tank.  It had a little rust on it so instead of ignoring it, I got out the rustoleum paint and sprayed away.  Unfortunately, I needed about 1 and a 1/4 cans of paint and I only had one can of the blue.  I'll buy another and paint it next week.  We aren't going to have warm enough weather for the rest of this week to complete the project.  I have lots of white rustoleum paint.  Every year I touch up the propane tank.  When I moved here 14 years ago I found out that the tank is mine, it's not a rental from some propane company.  In that case, it's my responsibility to make sure it lasts.  Otherwise I'll either have to shell out $1500 for a new one or rent one from a propane company.  It's cheaper to buy a couple of cans of paint each year. 

The propane tank is white and the well tank was a very faded, light blue.  Granddaughter decided it should be bright blue and for some reason I agreed.  It is a little too bright for my taste but it's partially hidden by the bay laurel tree (home grown bay leaves) so I'll leave it that color.  I usually have about a dozen cans of rustoleum paint on hand - white and JD green.  I shake the cans every couple of months to keep things stirred up.  Now I'll have to get a supply of the blue for the tank. 

The drier handle looks awful after my J-B WELD repair.  I need to sand down the globs that I left and then paint it black.  It will look good after that.  I have several cans of flat black bumper spray paint.  That will look good on the drier door.  It does matter that the glob gets removed and the handle painted.  Some people may not think so but I've found that if something looks nice people have more of a tendency to take better care of it than if something looks like crap.  When that's the case then too often attitudes are it doesn't matter how the item is treated, it's junk anyway.  Although, when someone says that to me my response is always, "but it's MY junk, not yours" so treat it properly. 

The baby chicks arrived today.  I had to retrieve them from the post office this morning.  Several other people must have placed orders too because the chirping of the chicks was really loud and it didn't subside when I took away my box.  All 27 arrived healthy, hungry, and thirsty.

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