Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Landscaping timbers and outdoor chores tomorrow

I went to buy some landscaping timbers today from Lowe's.  I really like the look of railroad ties, but I  did have to agree with one of my readers who commented that they leach poison into the soil and plants.  Yeah, probably a bad idea to use the ties.  So, I looked into landscaping timbers and also artificial planks (plastic and a plastic/wood mix). They had the landscaping timbers priced at $2.99 each.  I went up to the front desk and asked if I could get a 10% discount if I got a charge card.  The lady said no, their special is 6 months no interest.  I asked if they had any other program going where I could get the discount.  She said to go to the outdoor section and ask the manager.  So I did.  He said ok, so I got a 10% discount on everything I bought today.  And I didn't even open a charge account!

They loaded them into the truck and oldest daughter came over to unload them.  I can move them around one handed now that they are in a pile in the garden. The garden was disked a couple weeks ago and a few weeds have popped back up.  Some got pulled today (one-handed, of course) and the rest tomorrow.  The landscape timbers will get moved around to try to figure out the exact configuration that I want.  I expect the project will get completed this weekend unless I get called out of town for work.  It's supposed to be 80 tomorrow!  I will fill the 2 gallon jug with cold water and head into the yard at 7:30, when the grand kids leave for school.  I really enjoy the peace and quiet of pulling weeds and setting up a garden. 

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