Friday, March 25, 2011

The new 9mm

I finally chose a new handgun.  I tested out about a half dozen.  Most of my friends who are over 60 carry Glocks and swear by them.  The younger crowd only carries Springfields (which I have a very hard time with the slide).  I liked the Smith and Wesson the best.  I bought the M&P 9c.  It's my first 9mm although I've been buying ammunition for it for about six months.  I have more 9mm than I do the .38 special ammo. 

I don't dislike the .38 special but I wish I had been more informed prior to buying it.  I do have a feeling that I will be keeping it in the safe and carrying the 9mm more often.  There may be times that the smaller weapon will fit better with what I am wearing.  We'll see.

In California there is a 10 day waiting period.  They are serious about the 10 days.  I purchased it last Wednesday at 4:00.  This means I can pick it up at Saturday at 4:00.  The store closes at 4:00 so the clerk said if I am there right at 4:00 when they close she can give it to me.  Otherwise I have to wait until Monday.  Once I get it I will call the instructor who taught the CCW class.  I'll meet with him and qualify shooting this weapon.  Then he'll give me a certificate, I'll go down to the sheriff's office, pay the $15 and add this gun to my CCW permit. 

It's a extra process since I didn't own it when I got the permit but it's really not hard to add additional guns to it. 

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