Saturday, March 19, 2011

Converted Army Daughter to Becoming Prepared

The grandkids came in yesterday and wanted to know what I was going to do if the radiation came close to our home.  I told them that they would not get to go outside to play and that they'd get a nice yellow lotion put on them (Betadine).  They wanted to try it out so they came into my room and I squirted some into their hand and let them wipe it on their bellies.  Wow, it turns yellow!  They were laughing.  I told them that it's really good soap and they can go wash it off their hands and it will lather up really well. 

I explained to the kids that the crops in Japan are affected and although their government keeps saying that the radiation won't harm anyone, if they offered the food to us, we wouldn't eat it.  We have a good supply and don't even have to worry about buying food for a long time if radiation affected our crops.

I guess listening to me tell the kids calmly about how this may affect our country, Army Daughter went into a panic.  What about her family?  I always say that we've got plenty of food but now that there are three more people here she is worried: is it enough?  What about if her sister and brother and their families need to come over.  Are we prepared for sixteen people?  She said that she's noticed I read those survivalist blogs and it got her to thinking, she needs to do something and NOW! 

Wow, I converted my daughter without even trying.  All that time I was trying she thought it was dumb.  I tried to assure her we will be fine.  No she argued, we need to prepare now!   Let's go to the store now before things do go bad and people panic.  Like she was, I thought?  Anyway, she had a chat with her husband who said ok, although I think it was more to amuse her than because he thought it was necessary.  She wanted me to come because I would know what to get.  Off to Costco and Winco we went.  Daughter drove her SUV, son-in-law drove my pickup.

They wouldn't let me push a cart because of my arm in the sling, but because Army daughter, her husband, and the grandkids were all there, we filled a flat cart and three shopping carts at Costco.  Then we went to Winco and filled another cart.  Over one thousand dollars later, Army daughter was happy.  They had just purchased food, household supplies, baby needs, and some fun foods, she was very talkative on the way home.  She realized that her brother and sister should either purchase items and leave them at our house, or give us money to purchase them and store them here. 

Then she started talking about safety of the property, hordes of people who may leave the city and head our way to loot the property, and on and on.  After five hours of shopping we finally made it home.  It was an exciting night. 

Of course listening to the news today you'd never know there was a problem with the nuclear plants in Japan.  All we hear is Libya and Yemen with a skiff of Egypt and Israel.  I guess the nuclear plants aren't an issue after all as they are trying to get them stabilized.  Army daughter isn't disappointed.  She said that it's a good feeling to know she is supplied for the long haul.  They may be moving to another state in the next couple months, but she wants to leave supplies here just in case.  Wow, I'm impressed. 

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