Saturday, August 20, 2011

blurring your house on google

If you type in your address you will probably see your house up close and personal on google, yahoo, or many other mapping programs.  I found out that you can have your house blurred in the google mapping program.  You type in your address then click on the report a problem which is at the bottom of the picture.  From there it will ask you what the problem is and you will be provided with a box to place over the area you want blurred.  I did this today and will see if google accepts my request.  Of course there are still great overhead shots of my property.  Unfortunately the historical tracking view of my property shows the progression from just a few fruit trees to over 50, no garden to a large garden,  extending the rocked driveway and the expansion of the house.  I'm trying to put things under tree cover so the satellite view won't be as invasive but for the most part it's too late.  

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