Sunday, August 7, 2011

Travel Preps

Only another day or so until the grandkids and I hop a plane and head cross country.  I thought I'd show you how we are carrying paracord other than our paracord belts.  This carry on bag has a detachable shoulder strap.  I removed the original strapping and used the paracord that I braided. I took 100 feet of paracord, made four double strands and braided the four strands together.  This is one continuous piece of cord.  For it to fit the connector I could have used 150 feet and six double strands but I didn't know and besides, this wasn't bad for a first try.  The cording color matches the bag even though it doesn't match the other straps.  I was hoping to have time to pick up the black paracord that GIJims was getting for me but wasn't able to stop by. I just ran out of time. 
We are all carrying backpacks, these little carry on bags, and I've got one bag that's being checked.  Normally I don't check a bag and then just go out and buy a knife.  It's cheaper to check the bag with a knife and some other preps in it than to worry about buying a knife and other things once I arrive. 

Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina here we come!

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