Friday, August 12, 2011

I can't believe I'm in this motel

The US day of Rage is supposed to be Sept. 17 where organizers are trying to get people to take over Wall Street.  Oct. 6 is supposed to be a take over in Washington DC.  We will see how those go.  I think it will be a good reflection of if the US is going to start having protests like in London.  It will be winter soon and protesters just don't function as well when the weather isn't good.  After all, who wants to take over Wall Street when it's snowing. 

My sister used the internet to get us a hotel.  She isn't here yet so it's just me and the grandkids tonight.  Now normally when I travel since I never know where I will end up at the end of the day I don't make any advance reservations.  That has come back to bite me at times when I've shown up in towns that had all reasonably priced lodging booked up.  But, have sleeping bag will sleep in the car at a truck stop or Walmart parking lot in the middle of the $200,000 motorhomes.  Unfortunately this is prepaid.  So here we are.  Of course I could just get someplace else and eat the cost of this but I'm using it as an adventure.  The kids and I are having great fun. 

How do I describe this motel?  If you've ever been in Hollister CA and stayed at the Cinderella Motel then you know exactly what I'm talking about.  Think 1950s neon sign, 3x3 shower stall with green tile, 50 year old curtains, and my favorite the 19" Zenith color tv with push button technology.  I remember my parents having this same color tv in the late 60s.  Our family was really ahead of the times because we had three color tvs when most people didn't even have one!

The door has a push button lock and the little chain that's attached to the trim of the door.  Anyone can break in if they wanted to.  Fortunately, I don't think anyone is going to want to.  Nevertheless, my knife is next to my bed.  Grandson came up with a good idea for extra protection at the door.  He used paracord and strapped it to the door knob and then to the dresser.  If someone wants to break in they will have to use enough force to move the dresser, which is extra heavy because the tv is sitting on it.

There isn't anything in the rental car so if it's broken into there isn't anything to get.  This isn't a bad location, just a really old motel.  For the price my sister paid  I'm sure I could have done better.  Their free breakfast better be good.  I'm not holding out much hope for it.  Perhaps I'll raid one of the hotels that my brother or my other sister are staying at.  At least I have the kids thinking about security.

On a side note, today we went to the Titanic museum in Pigeon Forge TN.  It's the largest display of Titanic artifacts.  The museum is owned by the person who funded the Titanic discovery and recovery.  It's a kid friendly museum and has lots for a history buff like myself.  And we have a family reason to love the Titanic. 
I am here today because of the Titanic. 

That sounds like a much better thing to say than I am here today because of headlice.  Either way is correct.  You see, my great grandmother and her sister were traveling from England to America to meet up with their husbands.  They were traveling with their children.  All passengers had to go through a medical exam before getting on board.  Great grandmothers sister's children  had headlice.  They would not be allowed to board the ship.  My great grandmother said she did not want to travel without her sister so she and my grandfather (who was five at that time) and his two other siblings stayed in England until their cousins headlice cleared up.  They couldn't travel on the Titanic after all.  Good for me! 

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  1. Who would have ever thunk that having a case of headlice could be a blessing not only for the "victim" but for the extended family and for future generations to come!

    Great story!