Saturday, August 27, 2011

Two Million to Evacuate

Two million people are a lot to evacuate, especially when so many people rely on public transportation and that is shutting down.  I'd like to hear from people on the east coast to see how well their plans of evacuation went.  Did you stay or did you go?  Where did you go?  Did you find relatives or just head west?  Were the motels full?  Did gas prices spike?  How did your preparing for TSHTF help you out when TSHTF? 

I will never understand people who permanently reside in areas such as New Orleans that is below sea level and being protected by sea walls, or New York City with an average elevation of 33 feet.  The areas of 33 feet are fine, it's those less than 15-20.  Same with many of the islands off the eastern seaboard.  It's like asking for trouble. 

As with Katrina, the poor will not have the means to leave.  I'd also be interested in hearing how many people's homes were burgarized because the bad guys knew that entire neighborhoods were going to be empty. 


  1. i'm here in west brooklyn. i have food and water for several days. a large factor in prepping for me is that i have very little room to store things. this is a common problem here and i have a decent sized place now, but when i was living in a room literally the size of a closet, there was no prepping.

    i live on the edge of zone 3 or c or whatever they're calling it. they haven't called for evacuation here but a huge factor for many is 1) there is no way for people to leave because there is no transit and most of us don't have cars and 2) there isn't enough shelters and never could be.

    i work at a grocery store and we did 1.5x thanksgiving day in sales, about 1.5 million. i was talking to people at work and one said that it wasn't going to be anything...followed up by the last time he said that he was in new orleans for hurricane katrina. still, most seemed to laugh it off and made fun of people who were prepping, even in a small way. i said nothing, you can't change people's minds and it's easier to just blend in.

    this coming event has made me realize that i need to take my prepping to the next level. i have a decent EDC but that's it's and that just doesn't cut it. i'm sure that i will make it through just fine but it's time to make a change, for the better and more prepared.

  2. I love living at 6200 feet. There are things that can happen anywhere but if a wave ever hit's my place, it's over for most of the world.

    It's been downgraded a lot but looks to be causing some destruction still. The original path had it going west of Boston, and right over New Jersey... that's a lot of butt kicking that won't happen now but it's as wide as Texas so I'm following it to see how it might hit the family back East.