Monday, August 8, 2011

Last minute preps

Leaving tomorrow for out trip.  As I'm finishing up the last minute packing I'm debating whether to check one bag or two.  According to my scale the bag is 47 pounds.  Just three pounds short of the 50 pound limit without having to pay a bunch extra.  As long as my scale is accurate we're good.  The three of us are each carrying a backpack and a carry on bag.  The kids bags can't be too heavy because they are just kids. One of the carry on bags has a large backpack/duffel bag.  If necessary, I could carry almost everything I've packed on my back.  Not that I'd even carry one of granddaughter's dresses or pairs of shoes...typical girl 3 dresses, 3 pairs of shoes!

This is the first trip I've taken with them that we haven't been in our own vehicle.  When we travel further than six or seven hours from home I usually pull the trailer.  For this trip we are flying, changing planes once then arriving at our destination around midnight.  I'll pick up the rental car and then drive as far as possible away from the city.  I'm sure hoping that our luggage doesn't get lost but if it does, it doesn't matter...other than we won't have the right clothes for the wedding we are attending.

What am I carrying?  I've got my computer...sure wish I had one of those really small ones.  I have a camera, two cell phones, a gps, a kestrel, lots of cash, two changes of clothes, a toothbrush, a notebook and pencils, map, a sewing kit, a whistle, permanent marker, duct tape (used as strapping for one of the backpacks), lots of food, including high calorie homemade granola bars and fruit rolls.  We each have water bottles, although they have to be empty when we go through security. 

The checked bag has enough supplies to get us home (other than gas) if I use the rental car.  I have enough cash to buy a good used car if I need to also.  I just remember 10 years ago, just after 9/11.  People were stuck when all flights were cancelled.  I'm not expecting a disaster like that but it's still in the back of my mind since we are going to be clear across the country.  I also need a different mindset since I'm traveling with an 8 and 10 year old. 

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