Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The temper tantrum

Army daughter had a temper tantrum today.  I admit.  I started it.  She just behaved badly.  The bug-out renters came over today to pick up some eggplant and asparagus seeds.  Mrs. Bug-out renter opened the refrigerator door and saw the container of egg whites.  She sort of shrieked and asked why I would ever have something like that.  I had to tell the story, laughingly, about Army daughter buying them for two reasons: 1. So she wouldn't have to spend the time separating the egg whites from the yolks, and 2. Even more ridiculous than reason 1 was because she didn't want to get into our supply of eggs (never mind that we get over a dozen a day and I just give them away). Mr. and Mrs. Bug-out renter started laughing.  Army daughter wasn't amused.  Mr. Bug-out asked how much the container cost.  She said it didn't matter and started getting a little mad.  Then Mr. Bug-out renter said something out of line, although true.  He made a comment that it's people like that (those who have to purchase their eggs separated) who will be the first to go when TSHTF. 

Army daughter blew a gasket.  Of all the people in this room you are saying that I'd be the first to go?  I'm a staff sergeant in the Army.  I'm trained to do things you'll never dream off.  And off in a huff she went.  She then scooped up granddaughter and went outside.  Granddaughter wanted a nap but Army daughter would have no part of it.  They were staying outside until the Bug-outs left.  Unfortunately for Army daughter the Bug-out renters were not leaving.  Mr. Bug-out was heading into town but Mrs. Bug-out was staying for a couple hours. 

I went outside and told Army daughter to go pull weeds if she was going to be spending time outside.  She may as well make herself useful.  Army daughter came inside, told Mr. Bug-out that he was out of line because she is so well trained.  Then she and granddaughter drove off.  She called a while later to tell me that granddaughter was sleeping and she was sitting in her car with the air conditioning on reading her school book.  She said that she was not mad at me and after the baby woke up she was going to run some errands then go to the gym.  Yep, all's back to normal with her.

The bug-out renters and I had a conversation about how sensitive Army daughter is.  She takes everything wrong.  Every once in a while each of us needs to sit back and laugh at ourselves.  There are all kinds of things that each and every one of us does that others will find absolutely hilarious.  Army daughter likes the convenience and can afford to pay for it.  Fine.  But people like that are going to be the first to go, no matter how well trained they are.

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  1. Not trying to add insult to injury, but I wonder about someone that has training, but doesn't put it into practice. Is it training or just book learning? I've had many students that can score very well on a test, but can't, or won't, put into use what they have learned.