Saturday, August 13, 2011

guns and relatives and freeways

I've only met my future sister-in-law twice.  Yesterday and today.  She seems very nice but I wasn't sure what we had in common other than my brother.  About ten minutes before the evening ended she said something that swayed my thoughts about her.  She told the story about her uncle who had shot a deer and then told her that he'd give her a skinning knife if she skinned and gutted the deer.  She did.  Ok, I like her.  She also said that they have an assortment of guns and being from the south, "everyone" shoots.  Us being from California, she figured that we would think guns were evil and something that should not be discussed.  
The conversation then turned to weapons.  What a great conversation.  My sister stated that her husband is going hunting next month.  She also talked about their gun safe in their house.  A brother-in-law said that he has a handgun in his bedroom for protection.  Brother, not the one getting married, stated that his wife and daughter would be cringing at this conversation.  They are both vegetarians and would prefer to not harm any of God's creatures.  Brother doesn't feel that way and would love to come over and shoot, even if it's target shooting.  Brother that's getting married is an expert with weapons.  I don't have any idea about what he is expert in exactly.  This is the brother that was the spy...I mean intelligence gatherer, diplomat, and analyst. 
Future sister-in-law is going to fit in very well. She likes to fish and hunt.  Can't ask for much more than that. 
I'm praying that the country (or at least where I'm presently at) stays safe and sane as long as I'm here.  I'm using maps, not my gps, but I am getting so confused with east/west and north/south.  One freeway has signs that say east/west but through this town this freeway actually goes north/south.  I know that some freeways and highways have the "business route" which is usually the main road through town that once was the only road through until the highway or freeway was built.  In this area I think they are going to be moving some roads the north/south freeway that says it's east/west has another freeway that has a sign stating future east/west freeway.  What?  How am I supposed to figure out where I'm going.  Also, local maps have street names for exits and the roads have exit numbers. If I stayed for another few weeks I'd probably figure it all out.  For now, I just hope that nothing goes wrong because then I'd have to really figure out where I am before I could figure out where I'm going.


  1. My drivers ed teacher, who was from Iowa, told us that California has the best road signs in the country. I've only driven a few times out of state and would tend to agree, especially in big cities. That is good,.

    But I think the real reason is most Californians can't figure their way around on their own and need to be told and reminded where to go and how to get there.

    Enjoy the trip. Your family sound like they would be fun.

  2. That's great found out your future sister in law has some interests in common with you. A lot of times people are hesitant about bringing up subjects like guns and prepping for fear others won't agree and think they're nuts. It's always a pleasant surprise when you find you actually agree with each other. Good luck with finding your way around the area!