Tuesday, August 23, 2011

S-biner belt

Here's a picture of the belt that I made with paracord.  I took one long strand of paracord, folded it over six times, then braided it.  I've also folded the cord over eight times to make braids with four strands rather than three.  Four strands makes a nicer looking belt.  I used a small s-biner for the buckle.  It was easy to make although it does look less sophisticated than the fancy knotted bracelets that Bernie is making on http://apartmentprepper.com/


  1. What a neat belt! I have to find an S-biner, I think I have one somewhere, and make this. The amount of rope is certainly a lot more than a bracelet, so this can come in handy sometime. Thanks for posting the pic!

  2. Great job. About how many feet of paracord did it take to make this belt?

  3. I probably used 25-30 feet of paracord to make the belt. I used about 100 feet when I made the handle for my carryon bag.