Thursday, July 19, 2012

A day filled with stress, and none if it is mine

Three things happened today.  The first was sort of funny although I wouldn't have thought so if it was me.  Last Friday I assigned one of the people I supervise to a good project.  I really didn't want to wreck my weekend so I gave her the assignment.  Since I took the assignment the week before I knew she'd appreciate this one.  Working 16 hour days for two weeks gets tiring but she will bring in a great overtime check.  I figured she'd be happy.  And she was until today.  I got a text message from her that she was thrown under the bus.  What happened?  To go back a few days, she said there was only one issue that was a major item, everything else was going smoothly.  OK.  Does she want me to drive up there to help out with that issue?  No, she can handle it.  At least until today.

Today she got bombarded by the media.  They were acting like paparazzi.  They finally caught up with her for an interview.  She kept trying to steer their questioning but they kept repeating the same question a million different ways just to trip her up.  They didn't but she was as nervous as can be.  The interview wasn't the best on TV this evening.  Fortunately they won't run it again.  Unfortunately it will be able to be watched for a few days on the web until it is removed.  She didn't really perform poorly, she was shaking from nerves. 

I try to keep away from TV interviews.  I don't mind the newspaper because it's much easier to say a catch phrase that you know will be repeated.  There was one interview once that made national and international papers.  It was fun to have friends and relatives from all over the country read my quote in their local paper.  TV, that's a different story.  The last time I was interviewed for TV I got scolded by my bosses.  Why?  I had my sunglasses on for the interview.  That's against Department etiquette.  Sorry, the sun was in my eyes.

We have a rule at work.  If you are on TV, you owe your coworkers ice cream if they catch the interview.  She owes me ice cream.  She will be able to repay me with some of that overtime.  Let's see 100 hours of time and a half.  I think I'll have a triple scoop! 

The real stress for the day is going to affect me - really it's not much stress but it will take up some of my time every day that I had not counted on.  Mr. Bug-out renter announced that he is taking the job in Nevada but he isn't going to bring Mrs. Bug-out renter.  It seems he wants his open spaces of Nevada just for himself.  There's no "little miss" on the side, he just wants to be by himself.  What about your wife?  She isn't able to care for herself, especially at the Bug-out place. 

According to him, that's OK, since she's my friend I'll make sure she's fine.  I'll what?  Yes, he's leaving this weekend and he knows that she can't be out there by herself.  I will need to arrange for a person to go out to the bug-out place to check up on her daily.  It's an hour each way from my house.  I don't have the time or the gas money to make the trip each day. 

I was thinking about putting in security cameras that I could monitor.  If I talk to her on the phone each day and also monitor the cameras then I'll know she's fine.  She has grown kids but none of them want her to move in with them.  They don't want to deal with her medical issues. She has a brother who is married with two little kids.  His family is moving this weekend and he's said that once they get settled in their new place his sister could move in there.  That may be a good solution. 

Until then, I suppose the good news is that I don't need to find a new renter for the bug-out place.  Mrs. Bug-out renter will still be paying the rent.  Putting in cameras isn't a bad idea either.  If the place is left empty for any length of time having cameras monitoring the property is a good idea.  I hope it doesn't cost too much since starting in July we got another 5% pay cut.

I did have some more good news.  Max in Colorado Springs offered to give us one of his extra computers.  Thanks Max.  It will be put to good use.

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