Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stupid Duck, Dead Duck

Yes, this is really about our ducks.  We raised 15 ducklings this year.  They are three different ages.  The oldest two went outside into the extra chicken coop.  They were visited every day by the mature ducks and they all were well acquainted prior to me opening up the door and letting them out.  They stayed in the garden area and in the barn and animal pens.  The next group I let out into the front pasture.  It has 2 inch chicken wire around it so the few chickens don't get out.  Well these ducklings decided to go through the 2 inch wire, go through the 2 inch chain link between my property and the one next to mine all the way to the next property where three were killed by their dog.  As I said, stupid ducks. 

The kids rounded the rest up and brought them back home.  From there they were put into the extra chicken coop.  I also put the youngest group of ducklings into the chicken coop along with the 8 chicks who were too big for the trough that they were in.  The ducks stayed in that until just a week or so ago.  We brought the chicks and ducks into the front pasture.  I figured the ducks were too big to go through the 2 inch wire.  I was right.  The chickens have figured out where the little holes are and they squeeze through but the ducks seem to be content. 

After all, I put not one but two kiddie swimming pools in the front pasture for them.  I even put wood ramps leading up to the pools and put a brick in each pool so the smaller ducks could easily climb out.  Every day the ducks go for a swim.  I make sure to fill each pool in the morning.  The ducks like splashing it out but they are all big enough to climb out even if the water level gets low.  Several weeks ago one of the ducklings drowned when it couldn't climb out of the pool.  That isn't a problem now. 

So then how did stupid duck die today?  Somehow it got stuck in the mud by the swimming pool.  It flapped and kicked so hard it dug a hole for itself.  I went out to fill the pools this morning and counted the front pasture ducks.  1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10...where is 11? Then I saw it flailing around by the pool.  I went into the pasture and picked it up.  It was so tired.  I held it for a while and it paid me back by pooping all down my clothes.  I brought it out to the fruit trees.  The tree is fenced so the sheep can't get in.  It was in the shade, with water dripping out of the hose.  It rested for a bit then hobbled around and went about 50 feet to a different tree but instead of getting on the other side of the fence away from the animals it stayed in the main part of the pasture. 

The little rams are starting to run and butt into each others heads.  The little duck didn't watch out and next thing I know, the rams are running right to where the duck was.  We now have 10 ducks in the front pasture.  Stupid duck.

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  1. We hatched some coturnix quail a few days ago. There is always at least one that doesn't make it to adulthood. I hoped that the egg that my daughter had dropped while turning them would be 'the one', but this morning one chick was dead in the box.