Saturday, July 14, 2012

What I learned from the radio talkshow including dealing with constipation

On Friday I had to work down in Southern California.  I got home this evening.  As soon as I made it down there I got another call that someone needed to be assigned to the north part of the state and since my counterpart is on vacation I ended up assigning that to someone from Southern California.  I think this entire summer we will just be criss-crossing the state.  Unfortunately for me it doesn't always end up as overtime, even if I'm working 16 hours a day for a couple days.  It's a weird formula for managers as compared to those who work for us.  They get time and a half no matter what.  So, I'd rather they work than me.  It may save the state money if I did all the overtime and didn't get paid for it but the point of not getting paid is they actually don't want the supervisors taking the assignments if at all possible.  So I'll enjoy my time at home...if I can. 

On my way home from down south I was listening to some radio station from who knows where.  The first host was very interesting.  He gave lots of pointers for getting and staying healthy.  The second host spoke about exercise.  Since I was driving I couldn't really take notes, but there were quite a few pointers I remembered. 

Get an inversion table.  He said a cervical decompression machine is best but since most people don't have a spare $25,000, an inversion table was the alternative he recommended.  These can be bought for under $150. 

Exercise tears the body down.  It's during the recovery period that the rebuilding of the body takes place.  Depending on what you are doing depends on how long the recovery time is.  If you don't take enough time to recover then you will damage rather than build.  That's why interval training is important.  Change what you are doing and what you are focusing on so each part has time to fully recover before you start to tear it down again!

Another tip was to clean up your house.  If you get it organized then your entire being will be less stressed.  The host made comments about how hard it is to part with things because they are a link to your past.  The only problem is often that past will hold you back.  That's why people hire organizers to come in to clean out their house.  This doesn't mean a prepper or survivalist needs to get rid of their preps.  Not at all.  It means how many old used coloring books do you need to keep?  Do you need every spelling test that your kid has brought home from school?  How many pairs of shoes do you need?  One suggestion I've been told if you are a packrat is to take one of those 20 gallon totes and put everything in it that you want to save for each kid.  Or one per five years.  Or you pick but do something to organize your space.  It will give you more room for bullets, beans, and bandaids. 

How about your emotional health?  Keep a two sided list.  Worries/Dreams.  Write it down.  Write down everything you worry about.  Health, black cats, earthquakes, UPS drivers, EMP, whatever you worry about.  Write everything you can think of for a week.  Then go back and circle the items that aren't rational.  If you have a trusted friend then have them circle the items that aren't rational.  It's interesting because what a survivalist thinks is rational (ie EMP) most others would say is irrational!  Once you figure out what isn't rational realize that you are wasting time worrying about those items.  The worries that are rational you need to figure out a plan to prepare for them so you can take them off the worry list.  Or at least make them non-issues. 

Do the same with your dreams.  Write them down.  Then see if you can work toward them.  The question posed was if you could be doing anything, money not being an issue, what would you be doing?  Whatever you write down, as many things as possible, try to figure out how to get to any of those results. 

Your skin.  Get a boars hair brush for your skin.  Every morning go over your body with the brush to remove dead skin.  If you don't think your skin sheds then get a black towel or mat and brush off your skin while standing on the mat.  Don't clean off the mat for a week and you'll be disgusted with the amount of dead skin that has accumulated with your daily brushing.  Why will this help the prepper?  You probably won't be showering every day once TSHTF.  But you still want to take care of yourself as best as possible.  Just giving yourself this daily brushoff will stimulate the skin as well as keeping the skin cleaner and healthier.  Try it.

Dealing with constipation.  In the morning when you awaken, before you eat or drink anything else, drink a tablespoon of olive oil.  If you can't take the taste then mix it 1/2 and 1/2 with lemon juice or orange juice.  Then get on with your normal morning routine.  About an hour after you get up you will find yourself in the bathroom and you will no longer be constipated.  You'll feel much better if you add this to your daily routine.

And the last tip comes from Psalm 46: God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.  Therefore we are unafraid, even if the earth gives way, even if the mountains tumble into the depths of the sea, even if its waters rage and foam, and mountains shake at its turbulence. 


  1. Good advice. We also made a trip south this week. It is always a bit surreal to me. We went down and back during the night and the city never seems to sleep.

  2. I actually tried the olive oil for constipation tip. I didn't take a tablespoon only a teaspoon. I drank it straight. No lemon or orange juice for me... I waited and waited. An hour went by, then two. Nothing happened. A few hours later just the normal. Nothing extra or super cleansing. I suppose I should have tried more than a teaspoon. I'll have to add it to juice because the only way I like olive oil plain is when it's soaked in a good homemade bread.