Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The "new" old sewing machine

Last night I stayed up until 11:00 making Girl a new outfit for 4th of July.  I took her blue America t-shirt that I bought last year and added long sleeves that are striped in red-white-blue.  Then I made a skirt to match the new sleeves.  She's going to look adorable!   Boy wanted some sleeves too so I added them to his stained USA shirt as well.

This brought me back to thinking about clothing for the future if there aren't stores to go buy clothes in.  Not a problem...girl doesn't need to be dressed in the height of fashion.   She isn't normally, just every once in a while I get a whim to make something fun.  I don't want to have to think about sheering sheep to collect the wool, then processing it, then weaving it, just to make clothes.  It's an interesting skill to learn but not one that I am interested in doing on a permanent basis.  Since it isn't then I need to make sure I'm prepared for not only me but growing kids.  I have some 20 year old things hanging in my closet and in the drawers.  The grand kids can't do that.  They don't even fit into things from a year or two ago.  It all has to be replaced. 

I have several shelves filled with fabric.  I have denim fabric, fleece, knits, and extra fabrics.  These will make pants, skirts, sweats, pj's, shorts, swimwear, and underwear.  I have patterns of all sizes for men, women, and children to make all necessary clothing.  Just about everything that they will need in the future.  I have the sewing notions including thread, needles for the machine and hand sewing, scissors, dollar reading glasses so I can thread the needle, oil for the sewing machine, extra bobbins, elastic, and much more. 

When I was in high school I decided to make some of my own clothes.  I didn't want to use the sewing machine.  Several outfits were made entirely by hand sewing.  After I got the hang of it, it really didn't take a long time to sew the clothes together.  It looked great and it gave me a good feeling that I was able to make them without the machine.   

What about the sewing machine?  I was given a new machine as a gift about five years ago.  I love it.  When I was asked what kind I wanted I said something that has several stitches but not filled with electronics.  I wanted the stitches all to work on a cam system.  So that's what I was given. 

Today I dropped 16 year old grandson off at the train station.  He's going to some relatives on his dad's side for a month.  Since I was downtown, and not in my work truck, I decided to stop by some thrift stores.  I wanted to see if there were any canning jars.  I didn't find any.  I did find some brand new jeans, never worn with the tags still on them, for the Boy.  He will fit into that size either this school year or the next.  For $2.00 a pair you can't go wrong.  My best buy was a "new" White sewing machine.  It's probably 75 or 80 years old, I have to do some research.  It works - I was able to sew a seam prior to buying it.  The best part?  It was tagged at $29.95...but it was 1/2 price!  So for $15.00 I bought a sewing machine in it's hideaway desk.  Not a bad deal.  Still, I wish I found canning jars.

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  1. I would love to see a picture of the finish project.