Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Going up to the Bugout Place

Today I'm going up to the bug-out place.  I haven't been there, or at least stuck around to walk around, in quite a while.  I will be bringing Mrs. Bug-out renter back up there.  She has pretty much been in bed, or in the bathroom, since she got here on Saturday.  She's made no more messes.  She had only eaten about 1000 calories in four days. 

Yesterday I dropped the kids off at the water park and then headed to the office.  I was going to work for 6 hours there.  Before I left I told Mrs. Bug-out renter that if she didn't get better she'd be in the hospital on Wednesday or Thursday rather than back home.  Surprise, surprise, when I returned home yesterday evening who was sitting at the kitchen table?  Mrs. Bug-out renter.  She was drinking a cup of apple juice and reading a book.  Once I got home she went back into the helpless mode and went back to bed.  

This morning she was in the bathroom yelling at someone to get out.  Nobody was in there but her.  I called through the door, nobody is in there but you so stop believing that  someone else is.  She said I was in there.  So I opened the door and said no I wasn't but now I am.  Eek, she screeched, now there are two of you!  I went back into the kitchen and the kids wanted to know what was going to happen to her when I went out of town.  I said, loud enough for her to hear, that if she couldn't get herself up and ready for the day she will be in the hospital.  Then I went out and did some yard chores.  

When I returned Mrs. Bug-out renter was up, hair brushed, dressed, and ready for breakfast.  She ate, then we had a chat about how she is a grown up and she needs to start acting like one.  If she doesn't then she can't live in the Bug-out place.  It was like talking to the grand kids when they are being naughty.   She made her bed, read, and ate lunch.  Now she's hanging out, OK she's sitting on the chair, but still hanging out with the grand kids.  Like the snap of a finger she's back to normal.  At least as normal as an fake epileptic but real schizophrenic can be! 

The alarm company is coming to the Bug-out place tomorrow morning.  They will be putting in the burglar/smoke alarm.  She will also be getting a monitor for her wrist.  Press the button and she can talk to a real live human.  If there's a problem the service will call me and if they can't get a hold of me they will call 911.  I told her that if 911 comes too many times and they haul her off to the hospital too many times then she's done.  It will be an assisted care home for her.  She's barely 50 but that's the way it goes.  If TSHTF, like it did in One Second After, she will be dead, just like all those folks in the old folks home.  They won't last long when the help is gone. 

As it is, if all works out well and she is capable of being on her own, then I will be bringing out supplies once a week.  That's not really a bad thing at all.  Once she and Mr. Bug-out renter had moved out there, I pretty much stopped fixing up the property.  It was like I didn't want to intrude on "their" space.  But now he's gone, I need to be working up there more and having to get out there once a week will force me to do so.  There are so many things I'd like to do to the place.  At least with her still paying the rent I'm not hit with a double whammy of no rent payment and the pay cut the state just gave us state workers. 


  1. man oh man....I would buy her a bus ticket.
    Good golly it is hard for me to fathom how someone could be that way at that age.
    As I have said before, you are a saint....just do not think I could put up with all that drama.

    1. Believe me, the though has crossed my mind. With the threat of me sending her off she was perfectly capable of everything yesterday and today. Since the grand kids think of her as an "aunt" it's more difficult. So we'll see how it goes. I give it a month or less. But then it will be her doing and not mine. I too am tired of the drama. Soooooo tired! I'm driving up your way tonight and back down tomorrow. I'll waive on my way through...not that I know where off the 99 you are...

  2. Your nutcase friend is someone who will not last long on her own. Expect that one of these days you will go up to your bugout house and find her passed on.