Sunday, July 29, 2012

Making a little money selling junk

Daughter had the first of several yard sales this weekend.  I made $60.  It wasn't a ton of money but making anything off of items that we don't need is not bad.  The first person to show up, an hour before the advertised time asked if we had any "man" things.  You know, like camping, hunting, and fishing equipment.  Sure we do but they aren't for sale.  Actually I did have a few fishing things for sale that I salvaged from the bottom of a dry lake.  I didn't get rid of all my scavenged stuff but enough to make a few dollars. 

Boy piped up that he'll sell his fishing gear.  No you won't!  You can only sell things that you don't want and only if I say so.  You can't sell something you use just because someone offered to pay you for it. 

I wonder how things would sell if I put an ad in saying I'd swap for canning jars?  I think she's going to have another sale next weekend.  We won't be in town as we are going camping but after that, whatever is left will get donated.  I'll make more money taking the donation off my taxes than I will selling it but I promised Boy and Girl 10% each if they help.  They cleaned out the barn and also sorted through some old clothes.  Definitely worth the six bucks each that they will get. 

What will I get with the money I make?  Probably a fruit tree.  I will keep the money separate.  If I just put it in my wallet or in the bank then it won't go to anything special.  Knowing that I cleaned out the barn and replaced it with an apple tree, now that's something! 


  1. We bring stuff to a local dirt corner and sell from there. That way we don't bring people to the house. Sometimes the cops run us off but we never get a ticket or anything so it's worth doing it there rather than at our house. Selling extra junk is what you should do so you only have stuff you need. It gives you more room for what you really need anyway even though you have a lot of room with a barn.

    1. If you are serious about preparing but need more money check out It's not some get rich quick theme but being a consultant for a reputable food storage company. I have been with them for 2 years and enjoy helping others get prepared while getting lots of free and 1/2 price food for our own preps.

  2. It's hard to part with your stuff but if it's not preparedness stuff then get rid of it and make money. Use that to buy preparedness stuff. That's what we've done. Our house is much cleaner and we have a lot more stuff for the future. We don't need to put the money in a separate fund because that's what we spend our money on. Just don't over spend on the kids for their clothes and toys. Grandparents do that way to much.

  3. I like your idea of replacing cleared out "stuff" with a fruit tree...think I'll follow the same plan.