Thursday, July 26, 2012

Trip to GI Jim's

Brought the grand kids to GI Jim's yesterday on the way to the bug-out place.  I bought a $20 gift certificate for each of them so yesterday they got to roam the store to pick what they wanted.  Boy knew exactly what he wanted.  A gas mask!  He's been dreaming of the day when he could have one and yesterday was it.  He wore it last night and today.  He told me that he needs to stock up because he'll need one for each person in his family.   He's so cute. 

Girl had a little bit harder of a time picking.  I was trying to steer her towards some camping supplies...a cooking pot, a hand crank radio, etc.  No, she had her heart set on a knife.  OK but no more carving your bedroom desk.  I was not happy about that last year right before I took away her pocket knife and put it into our bug-out supplies.  You want to lose this one as well?  Just carve into something that you aren't supposed to!  What can I say, she likes to cut things.  She's good at butchering chickens, although she'd prefer to let someone else clean fish. 

Me, I picked up some more paracord.  I just make things, like belts, straps, etc.  None of those paracord bracelets for me.  That just screams "I'm a trendy prepper" and I spent $10 on a cute 25' 550 bracelet.  Something else I picked up, to supplement the few I had was two suturing kits.  Have you ever sewn anything up, other than your clothes?  Let me tell you, years ago when I had knee surgery they asked if I wanted them to video tape it.  I said no, I'm not looking at that.  Stupid me.  I've sewn up one of my goats and a cat before.  Nothing big but it sure wasn't pleasant.  I don't ever want to have to sew anyone up!  Give me steri-strips and superglue, please!  No stitches.  But what if stitches are called for and you are way out in the woods or if TSHTF.  What are you going to do then? 

How about some practice?  Take a chicken...even if it's not just freshly butchered, how about one from the grocery store.  Slice through the skin and meat.  Now sew it up.  Then try it with a leg of lamb.  Put a paper towel on it and slice the leg. Then try sewing it up, including the towel "skin".  It's not as easy when it's bloody as compared to the chicken.  It's also not someone you know who is probably screaming in your ear and moving around a lot.  But practice.  Watch videos of surgeries.  Buy some little suture kits because fishing line and a needle should only have to do in if all else fails.  Don't be unprepared for this just because it's not pleasant.  Believe me, I'd much rather spend the day in the garden, kitchen, or shooting.

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  1. I looked at the GI Jims website. It looks like you can get whatever you want because he will order it for you. Are the prices good? His site doesn't talk about prices.