Friday, July 20, 2012

When in a mood...organize and clean

The grand kids are done with camp.  How can I keep them occupied today?  I know, put them to work cleaning.  But not just any cleaning.  Girl is cleaning out the top floor of the barn.  Boy is cleaning out the bottom floor of the barn.  Everything that doesn't have anything to do with prepping is leaving!  It will all go into the trailer and over to Army daughter's house.  They are having a garage sale.  I told Boy and Girl that they can earn up to 10%.  It all depends on how hard they work.  Boy will be getting his 10%.  Girl, I'm not so sure.  Me, I'm trying to work at home least in between supervising them.  I'll probably put my time in and not have to work this weekend.  Wow, to actually get in my 40 hours between Monday and Friday.  That's been unusual lately. 
My barn and garage has been the storage spot for all my kids.  They have brought over things they didn't want to get rid of but didn't want to store at their own places.  And why do I need to keep an infant bath, two potty chairs, walkers, jumping toys, swings, etc?  They've all said no more babies (perhaps son's wife will - you can get more welfare if you have more kids!).  It's all going to the garage sale.  If they want to claim it they'd better pick it up there.  Same goes for clothes.  I'm keeping enough for changes for each age and size but not entire wardrobes.  Unnecessary stuff. 
I was in charge of a book sale once.  I was given all the leftover books because they wanted to throw them away at the end.  Now I'll sell them or donate them.  I have a bunch of old chairs.  While you can never have too many chairs, I don't want these.  They are cracked and will put splinters where you definitely don't want splinters to go.  If someone else wants to deal with them fine...otherwise they'll make great firewood. 

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