Monday, July 2, 2012

Still Plugged Up? Still No Benefiber? Don't Blame Me.

By far, the most hits on this blog are on my Benefiber post from two months ago.  Today I got this comment, which I found to be the funniest comment I’ve ever gotten on my blog (on All Plugged Up and Benefiber is Nowhere to be Found) so I had to post it.  Well thank you for stocking up 3 years worth. Two people in my family have diverticulitis which is life threatening - intestines can rupture and you can die - or you can suffer with the infected pockets and wish you would die - it is horrible. We can't find Benefiber which is the only thing that we found to prevent these attacks But we will sleep better tonight knowing that you have your 3 years supply. Well, actually, I feel really sorry for the Anonymous person who posted.  You see, Anonymous is confusing me -  a prepper and survivalist, with a hoarder.  That is certainly not me. 

I suppose it is MY FAULT that during times of plenty I spurred the economy of this country by purchasing items that were plentiful, using cash.  I suppose I could have waited until just before the items were pulled from the shelf.  Or, better yet, as soon as they get restocked I stand in line and buy them all up!  No, it’s better that I bought them when the shelves were full.  Nobody suffered because I bought three large containers.  This Anonymous person probably bought a little tiny container…and probably used their EBT cash card to boot (obnoxious comment, sorry to all those who truly need EBT cards…this comment wasn’t meant for you).  If my life depended on something as simple as a shelf stable product like Benefiber, I’d bet my life on it that I’d stock up for 5 or 10 years, not just three. 

Let this be a lesson to you Mr. or Ms. Anonymous.  Make a list of items you or your family needs.  Buy them or make them…NOW.  As for my having Benefiber and you don't, if you reread that column and the other comments (suggestions) posted, you will know that I posted some substitutes which are easy to deal with.  High fiber food, exercise, water.  The reason people would rather use Benefiber than high fiber food is it's easy and pretty much calorie free.  After all, if I'm watching calories I'd rather have a cup of coffee with Benefiber and a cookie on the side than a cup of coffee and a bran muffin.  Same amount of calories and fiber...the cookie just tastes better.


  1. Don't let those no name posters get ya down.
    My name is Chuck, and I surely do approve your blog and gain much from it.

    1. Thanks for commenting, Chuck. They can't get me down because I know they are 100% wrong!

  2. That was pretty funny, what a way to start Tuesday.

    I see people stock up at the grocery store on all kinds of things; coke, mountain dew, frozen pizza, buy one get 2 free ribs at $28 for the first one, oreo cookies, etc.

    Never think to stock up on things they depend on. Not your fault for forward thinking. I know it's a new concept.

  3. Would that comment be better described as psychological blame shifting or projection? Either way, going to be a lot of it when it HTF. How that other anonymous might choose to act on his feelings is the big question.

  4. Touche'! I had no idea that YOU CONTROL the Benefiber market! It's good to have friends in high places! :-)

  5. That was pretty funny. I once bought several rolls of scotchs tape and i am sure that if this person was looking for some tape to wrap a gift it would be all my fault because someones birthday was completely ruined and now they have to have counceling.
    Sorry about the spelling and puncuation, stupid keyboard, i am sure its not me. lol

  6. Wow, too funny. BTW, coffee enemas work wonders for constipation/diverticulitis/IBS. Once you get past the "ick" factor, you actually look forward to them. About the only time people leave me alone ;) And I'll say that my coffee hoard...uh, supply is a top priority.