Thursday, July 5, 2012

Steal of a Deal at the Grocery Store

Yesterday I had to go to town so I stopped at Von's to pick up a couple gallons of milk and some hot dog buns.  I was expecting to spend about $10.  Instead I spent almost $50.  When I go to the grocery store I always look at the 1/2 price bin.  Sometimes they have good deals.  Such deals, I couldn't pass them up.  Except one.

One of the "deals" was a package of canning lids.  It was marked 75% off.  Excellent, until I looked at the "regular" price of $9.99!!!!  Yes, a penny less than $10 for one package of lids.  Not lids and rings, just lids.  With 75% off the price was $2.50.  Gee, I can normally get them regular price for $1.69.  No bargain there.  But I did get a bargain on some other items. 

Knorr sells soup and bouillon mixes.  They also sell seasonings.  In this case they had both alphabet noodle vegetable soup mix and chicken noodle soup mix (just add 4 cups water for 4-90 calorie servings) on sale.  Normally the price of those packages are about $1.50.  Yesterday they were marked .59 and were 1/2 price of that!  I bought about 30 packages of soup mix for .30 each!  What else did they have?  Noodles!  Besides elbow, spaghetti, and the sort, I buy 7 ounce packages of the Mexican type of noodles.  These are usually alphabet, teardrop sized pieces, or angel hair.  Normally it's 3 packages for $1.00 or .33 each.  It comes out to about .75 a pound for the noodles.  Not yesterday.  They were priced at .29 each and on sale for half so .15 each.  That comes to .35 per pound for noodles!  We bought about over 20 pounds.

What else did they have?  Salsa.  I know, why would I buy salsa if I make it?  Remember Army daughter is related!  She won't eat homegrown when she visits.  This was organic salsa normally $2.50 a jar, which I thought was a good price for organic.  Somehow the price ended up at .75 each.  I bought all four jars! 

The final item was some cans of sardines.  Normally over $2.00 on sale for .99.  Not as good of a bargain as the rest of my purchases but good nevertheless.  Sometimes I just never know when  I'm going to be adding to the food storage. 


  1. I know you sometimes great deal and you need to save money to take advantage of them and that's the hardest part! I've had several folks ask me why I score deals and most of it consists of being aware of the average cost and just waiting for a sale.

  2. I picked up 4 large hand sanitizer bottle and 4 large bottles of hand lotion for $4 plus tax. Office Depot has some of the oddest stuff in the bargain bin, .50 cents each.
    That's about 2 years worth of hand lotion and a forever supply of sanitizer. I really only picked it up as a fire starter and for airplanes.

    However I draw the line at sardines.