Tuesday, November 9, 2010

$98 to spend

A couple days ago I wrote that I had to go to Sacramento to teach a class.  I get $40 for meals and incidentals for each 24 hours I'm away from home and less for less than 24 hour periods.  For this trip I'll be given $98 which can be used to either buy groceries or take myself out to eat.  I can also keep the money for other things as long as somehow I still eat well. 

Sunday night: Ate right before I left home in the afternoon.  Brought fruit (grapefruit, persimmons, and pears are ripe on the fruit trees) Pocket the $18.

Monday: At the hotel they offer a free breakfast.  It's pretty lousy: cold cereal, toaster pastries, fruit, juice, bad coffee.  I ate a bowl of fruit.  At class a continental breakfast was also offered: muffins, bagels, juice, good coffee.  I had a bagel, blueberry muffin, juice, and coffee.  Lunch was served at class: lasagne, bread, salad, cookies, soda, water, juice, and coffee.  There were leftovers so I also had lasagne for dinner.  Money spent on day 1.  Zero.  Pocket the $40. 

Tuesday: Don't know what they are offering for lunch but I will be eating the main course for lunch and dinner.  I have left over fruit from the trees to eat on my drive home.  Pocket the $40.

Normally I buy clothing items with this travel money but I think we're all good for a while.  I'm going to spend the $98 on ammunition.  I like travel money.

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