Monday, November 8, 2010

Exercise for the kids

Raising a bunch of kids (or in my case grandkids) nowadays means prying them away from computers, video games, tv, and everything else electronic.  Around here the kids still have those things because I don't believe in not exposing them to this equipment, they just need to not be addicted to them.  They get to choose two electronic items each day on the weekend.  They can spend up to two hours total on electronics.  This of course only gets to happen if they are done with their chores and we have no plans for the rest of that day.  In reality, they may only have an hour of computer or video time per weekend.  During the school week they are only allowed to watch tv in the morning if they are ready for school at least 1/2 hour before the bus comes.  There is no tv during the week and no tv or radio during meals. 

There's such a worry about childhood obesity and adult obesity as well.  Too often people eat too much and don't do anything active.  Our property is set up for activity.  We have an obstacle course for the grandkids (and me).  We have tires to run through, a sprinting area, cones to zigzag around, large trees to climb, nets to crawl under, and a cross country running track.  I also set up a tether ball pole, a basketball hoop, badminton and volleyball net, croquette, whiffle ball, and a soccer goal.  We also go hiking and bike riding.  A couple months ago we all participated in a 5k walk for charity, and we did this again two weeks ago. 

Exercise and being active is important.  They think it’s just for fun.  I'm good with that.

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