Sunday, November 7, 2010

Backroads travel

I have to work away from home once again.  This time I'll be in Sacramento for a couple of days teaching a class.  The nice thing about staying in the city for a couple of days is that I can get some big-city shopping done.  Don't have a big list, or rather I have a big list but a small amount of money this time. 

The nice thing about traveling to Sac rather than to southern California is that there are so many more travel routes to get home.  About 25 years ago my brother and I took a drive to Sac from SoCal.  It was a Sunday night when we were coming home and we decided to take the scenic route.  Great, except traveling down Hwy. 49 on a Sunday night meant no gas stations were open.  We found a way back to the valley and were able to get gas while we were on fumes.  We had less than a gallon of gas in the tank.  I've learned a lot since then. 

At my office I have a big wall map that shows the entire state and many of the travel routes.  It's a four foot tall map so there is lots of room for roads.  Every time I've traveled I mark the road on the map if it's a new road.  My map is pretty full.  I expect to travel on every one of the roads shown on this map.  I remember certain landmarks while I travel as well.  I could go from Sac back home on back roads only without a map and not get lost.  I also now travel with spare fuel.  It's enough to get me back and forth a couple of times or taking all the backroads.  Spend extra time coming and going to whereever you come and go.  It's worth the extra time.

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