Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How to write in the How To book

I was asked to provide an example of my how to book.  Here it is.  It's so simple anyone who can read can do it right. 

How to run the dishwasher.
Load the dishes.  You can put plastic things on the top or the bottom rack.  Put one scoop of detergent into the cup that closes with the lid.  Close the lid.  Put one additional scoop on the door or toss it onto the dishes.  Close the dishwasher.  Push hard and you will hear the door click shut.  To start the dishwasher press normal wash and then press heat dry.  If you look just below those two buttons you will see a green light at the normal wash and NO light at the heat dry.  If you see a green light at the heat dry then press the heat dry again so the light goes out.  When the normal has the green light on and that’s the only green light on, then press the start/cancel button.  The dishwasher will start.  The dishwasher will be done in about an hour.  

Sometimes after you unload the dishwasher, when you close the dishwasher door the dishwasher starts running again.  Press the start/cancel button and it will stop.  The plastic dishes will not dry in the dishwasher because we do not use the heat dry button.  You will have to dry them with a dish towel prior to putting them away.

Where to find dishwasher detergent.
Dishwasher detergent is located on the kitchen counter just above the dishwasher in the glass container with the wire strap glass lid.  There is a red scoop in the jar.  You will use two scoops total when using the dishwasher.  Each scoop holds 1 tablespoon detergent.

If this detergent jar becomes low, you can find additional detergent in the accordion door hall closet.  If you open the left door, additional boxes of detergent will be on the third shelf from the top on the far right side of the shelf.

Where to find dishtowels.
Do not use paper towels to dry the dishes.  Dishtowels are located in the drawer to the right of the sink.  If you run out of dishtowels you can find rags that can be substituted for dishtowels in the hall closet at the end of the hall.  Open the top right door and the rags are located on the second shelf from the bottom.

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