Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Anonymous House

Property tax bills have arrived in California.  Earlier this year I bought a bug-out place eighteen miles away from home as the crow flies, yet it takes an hour to get there.  Much to my surprise I noticed that the address the tax man used was not the address of my property.  The assessor parcel number was the same, and it's for the correct property, but the actual physical address was different.  As an example, the assessor says my address is 12345 Hidden Road but I was under the impression it was 12567 Hidden Road. 


I called the post office and she said that since they've been delivering mail to the "wrong" address of 12567 Hidden Road all this time that they are keeping delivery to the "wrong" address.  The mail goes to a large stand of mail boxes that is 5 miles from the property, not directly to the property so the delivery person has no clue where the property actually is.  The post office lady said that I should contact the county planning department.


I called the county planning department.  They said I needed to speak with the zoning office.  I called the zoning office and left a message.  Someone called me back two days later to tell me that they obviously have the right address and the post office is wrong.  I can either go to the post office with the parcel information and have them change the address or I can send a letter to the zoning department and petition for an address change. 


I've decided to do neither.  I don't have a problem with mail going to a non-existent address.  If someone tries to look up the address that's associated with my property on Google Earth or even the assessors office they will find out that address doesn't exist.  Kind of cool… 

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