Monday, November 15, 2010

The Flag: Inciter of Racial Tension

It seems the Denair school got so much national flack that they changed their mind.  After all, they only said what they did to protect the safety of the student. The middle school kid can put the flag back on his bike. The controversy is over, everyone in the national media please go away. 

The controversy is not over!  This is just another example of what’s ahead of us folks. 

Last Monday a 13 year old boy was riding his bike on the school campus.  He had an American flag on the back of his bike.  It's been there for the past two months.  A couple of students had complained about the flag, not the fact that he was riding on campus.  It seems that last Cinco de Mayo several Mexican students brought in Mexican flags that they waived around and were told that they had to put the flags away.  So now, in fairness to the Mexican kids, instead of telling the kid to walk his bike on campus, he was told the American flag had to be removed from his bike. 

The school administrator’s reason?  The American flag could spur racial tensions.  You’ve got to be kidding.  We aren’t talking the stars and bars but the 50 star flag.  In America the American flag can spur racial tension?  Pick another country that would be stupid enough to say that.

The people who complained weren’t citing their religious beliefs regarding Exodus, Chapter 20, which says that you aren’t to make a graven image, and to them a flag is an image.   No, they complained because they want equal time for "their" flag.  The complainers were first or second generation Americans from Mexico who idolize their native country over the country they live in.  The reason they don’t live in Mexico is because it in NOT a land of opportunity.  Why then are they trying to bring everything they don’t like about Mexico here to the US? 

I’m not saying this is going to be what causes TEOTWAWKI but it sure could be.  No, the controversy is not over. 

I usually don't get political or bring these topics up.  My blog is about how my family is trying to figure out how to prepare for an upcoming mess of a world.  This is not an issue of not liking Mexicans.  I am a second generation American with my relatives coming from a country that offered no freedoms.  The country told you how to live, how to worship, where you could travel, what job you were allowed to do...  In fact, when my grandparents left  their option was leave or die.  They left and came to America.  They gave up their language and their countries customs.  They did not give up their religious customs.  It would be nice if this state and this country starting thinking about who does come here.  Adopt this country, adopt the customs of the country.  It's pretty simple. 

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