Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving is at our house

We are having Thanksgiving at our house this year.  I'm figuring about 10 kids between the ages of 2 months and 16 years, and 11 - 15 adults.  Usually we get unexpected visitors as well because the kids invite their friends over.   In addition to our one dog and two cats, plus the two cats that we are watching while their owner is overseas in the Navy, we will also have four additional dogs.  These dogs travel with their owners.  I just figure if we make a lot of food for people and pets all will be well. 

It does get to me thinking that if TSHTF I expect all these people to want to move in here with us.  What qualities do they bring?  Some bring a lot of useful skills, mainly mechanical, some can cook, others have no skills at all.  If I think about the amount of food that I will go through in the three or four days that we will be feeding everyone, I realize that we go through the same amount of food in three weeks to a month.  Our food supply wouldn't last at all. 

My sister and brother-in-law are high on my list of people I would want to stay with us.  I am convincing my sister to do a better job of buying food in bulk.  We were out in the garage tonight and I pointed out the two cases of green beans I picked up six months ago.  I told her they were 50 cents a can.  Now they are 58.  To her that was still a better price than she can get where she lives, but I pointed out that it was a 16% increase in price in just six months.  Things are not going to be getting any better.

She did say that she wants me to help her with making bread.  She tried my recipe and got it wrong.  This I don't understand.  I've never had a bad loaf.  Yes, I'll teach her several different ways to make bread while she is here.  Perhaps I'll put her in charge of making the rolls for Thanksgiving.

A couple of months ago we had the wrought iron fence put in across the driveway.  This week brother-in-law is going to install the automatic gate opener, the solar panel to power it, and the code box to open it from the outside.  We are going to have two automatic gate openers, like garage door openers, which will be kept in each truck.  Today I purchased the required Knox Box which can be opened by our local fire department.  When they open the box the gate automatically opens.  I am going to have my brother-in-law rig a kill switch on that so they don't have access when I don't want them to have access. 

Sister asked if I could do some target shooting in the backyard while they are here because her four year old has seen guns but never been around them when they were being shot.  I asked her if she and her husband wanted to do some shooting as well.  She said yes.  Yes, they are high on my list to convert to my way of thinking. 

If I don't post again until after Thanksgiving, please have a very happy Thanksgiving, and remember to thank God for all our bounties.

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