Friday, November 5, 2010

Bank Holiday Panic and don't be a fool

I keep reading about an upcoming Bank Holiday and how we are all to start panicking.  The forecasters have even picked a day.  Next Thursday, Nov. 11.  Of course the banks will be closed.  It is a federal holiday.  Remember?  Now, if they don't open again on Friday there will be something to worry about but come on folks.  Don't fall for this.  I'm not saying that the country isn't in trouble and that the banks aren't in trouble.  They are...We are. 
Keep your course in preparing, but if you want to speed up your preps, by all means do so.  If you want to worry or panic about the Bank Holiday on Veterans Day, then worry.  I won't worry.  I won't panic.  Don't do something rash. We'll just keep on preparing for whatever worst case scenario just happens to come our way.

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