Monday, November 29, 2010

The How To Notebook

Yesterday I wrote about my need to have house rules written.  Today I will tell you about the How To Start It notebook.  This wasn't my idea originally.  A couple of years ago when son and daughter-in-law and baby were in their near fatal car accident, we stayed up in Washington State for several weeks while waiting for daughter-in-law to come out of her coma.  An acquaintance of mine had a condo up there that they used as a vacation home and he offered it to us to use free of charge.  We graciously accepted. 

The door had a combination lock key holder, like the realtors use, and he gave me the combination.  Once inside the instructions were to look for the notebook on the kitchen counter.  It was an amazing notebook and I've tried to emulate it in my house.  Every time someone comes here to the house it seems I realize I need to add an additional chapter.  It will make a good playbook for visitors at our home.

The book is divided into chapters.  The chapters consist of general house items, then is broken down into living areas and sleeping areas. 

Table of Contents: 
How to turn on the heater.
How to turn on the air conditioner.
How to turn on the water heater.

How to run the dishwasher.
Where to find dishwasher detergent.
Where are the dishes, glasses, silverware, pots and pans.
Where is the food (of course this is immediate need, not the long term stuff)
How to use the oven.
How to use the icemaker/water dispenser.
How to use the coffee pot.
Where is the coffee, filters, and condiments?
How to use the microwave.
Which lights should you use?

How to run the washing machine.
Where to find laundry soap.
How to run the drier.
Where to find drier sheets.

Where to locate towels for the shower and sink.
Where to locate towels for the kitchen.
Where to find bedsheets, blankets, and pillows.

And the list goes on and on and on.

I have a couple of copies of this playbook.  I also have an extra chapter at the end that my sister has at her house.

Secret Chapters:
List of weapons.
Location of weapons.
Location of ammunition.
List of money.
Location of money.
And this list goes on.

The secret chapter list does not list my address, phone number or anything else that would associate it with me. 

List of secret codes and pin numbers:
1-10 (0)

So if my code is 1432 I would not write January, April, March, February.  That would be too easy.  I use birthdays.  You can use family or famous names, it's your choice.  For example, January is Paul Revere's birthday, February is Hank Aaron's birthday, March is Pete Rozelle's birthday, April is Steven Seagal's birthday.  Therefore, my code would be Paul Steven Pete Hank.  I don't use these names but I use family names for the months.  There's only one Chad in the family so he stands for the number 8 because of his August birthday.  Beck also stands for 8 because of an August birthday.  I can even write the pin number on a debit card.  If someone stole the card they wouldn't have a clue as to the code yet for me, it's as plain as the nose on my face.

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