Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rite in the Rain

Rite in the Rain books and paper need to be included in your Bugout Bag, your home storage, in each vehicle and in your pants or shirt pocket.  I have all sizes and styles.  They come in bright yellow and also military green and tan.

The shirt pocket size is 3x5 with 50 sheets.  It has a spiral across the top or a staple across the top.  They also make a back pocket 4x6.  Side spiral books are 5x7 and 8 1/2x11.  If you want something that really holds up they even make them in hardbound books.  The paper is even available in 8 1/2x11 and 11x17 sheets in packages of 25 or 200.  The pages come in all different patterns.  You can have blank sheets, notebook writing lines, grids, or any combination. 

This paper is great for working in wet conditions using either regular pencils or waterproof ink pens.  Because the paper is heavy duty and has the waxy coating on it, it doesn't fall apart no matter what kind of mess I find myself in when out in the field.  There have been times that I've gotten so wet from sweating that regular paper maps in my pocket have just fallen apart.  Using my computer printer I print up topo maps on the Rite in the Rain pages and take them out into the field while I am working.  The paper takes a lot of abuse and still doesn't fall apart.

I'm rarely without a Rite in the Rain.  It's an essential tool in the toolbox.  For more information look them up online at

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