Saturday, January 8, 2011


Walked anywhere lately?  What were you wearing on your feet?  Flip-flops? Probably not since it's winter.  Tennis shoes?  For the ladies, high heels? Boots?  Rubber farm boots? Snow boots? Nothing?
Around my house my prefered footwear is barefoot.  I can't be barefoot outside although as a kid I was nothing but.  Now there's a weed called puncturevine that will knock you on your rear if you step on it barefoot.  If I'm feeding animals or something you can usually find me in a pair of flip-flops.  If I'm going for any type of walk on the property I'm in rubber farm boots.  This weekend, with the grandkids still at the bugout place, the only shoes they brought with them are farm boots. 
What about if you have to take a hike?  When was the last time you wore good boots?  Do you own any good boots?  I have many pairs but some are definintely more favored than others.  With my job I get reimbursed for buying boots every couple of years.  Each time I try out a new brand.  I have a pair of boots in each vehicle.  I have a second pair in my two week supply bag. I have a pair in the trailer.  I have a pair at home. 
I only buy American made.  My favorite by far is my West Coast Boot Company (Westco) pair.  In the olden days at work everyone had White's but they'd complain that dirt and ash would seep through the seems.  I had my Wescos and never had that problem.  I could wear that pair all day. 
I liked my Bailey's boots although those were 10" high and I prefer 8" high.  It took a while to get used to where the boot top would rub on my leg.  Right now I have a pair of Wolverines.  I like them too but they don't fit my foot as well as the Westcos.  My Westcos need to be rebuilt.  The company will do that for about half the cost of a new pair. 
You need a good pair of boots.  Maybe two.  Unfortunately you may have to buy several pairs before you find the perfect one for you.   


  1. Have you ever had any Danners? I'm looking at the 6" Quarry work boot.

  2. I do have a pair of Danners, I just forgot to put them on the list. I bought them off the internet directly from Danner. They are 10" which is higher than I like but the boot itself is comfortable.