Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rooster update

The banty rooster and the barred rock pullet were put back into the chicken coop last Monday morning.  It turned out great.  The banty is still healing.  He's hopping around on one leg but his foot is healing well.  It's not all shriveled up anymore.  He's not putting weight on it yet but it is looking normal. 

By putting the two birds together for the five days (I'm sure glad to have my shower back!) the banty was able to get used to the pullet.  When I put the banty back into the coop the first thing he did was cockadoodledo.  I'm back he screamed.  Because he made "friends" with the pullet, none of the other hens dared pick on the pullet.  It sure was a good way to add one chicken to the flock.

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